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For after sales service and other details please send us email, or contact us in wechat: 0086-18931789005, we will respond at our fist time.

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Date: 2019-11-20

About Service Concept
1.Powerful precision equipment, mould development capability, mould designer 5 person, the original CAXA 3D drawing software, the original WPLSOFT automatic software, we develop about 200 set new mold per year, and in the leading position of China.
2.Fast response, for most of order, we finish the design within 2days,assembly 3days,finished within 5days,10days put into production, from the designing to production commonly take 20days,far faster than the same industry level 30-60days.
3.Strict perform the Quality Management system GD/T19001-2008-ISO9001:2008, with good quality control, more stable and efficient.
4.Raw material quality is good and stable, from famous brand company.
5.We conduct high quality products and long term cooperation.
6.After sales service, repair within one year, and supply the machines parts at any time.
7.Offer the technical support for all machine life time.

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