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The span of silicon steel lamination process
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The span of silicon steel lamination cut from manual foot pedal shearing device to a numerical control cut to length machine.

After years of continuous exploration of silicon steel lamination cutting in China, the advent of the new domestic CNC silicon steel cut to length machine brings a qualitative leap to the silicon steel processing industry, and achieve the processing of silicon steel into mass production. This technological innovation not only saves a large amount of foreign exchange funds for the import, but also saves manpower, improves production capacity as well as improves the competitiveness in the international trade.

From the year of 1954, TISCO China produced the first piece of hot rolled silicon steel sheet,it has gone through 60 years history of processing the silicon steel sheet . Because of the backward technology and the uneven pressure the hot-rolled silicon steel sheet commonly known as uneven thickness, different shape, varies in width. The factory need cut the middle 1m*2m as finished products, the lefts sold in low price to make some small motor or power transformer core. The leftover materials called big blades at the time, the processing of this kind of product is used to punch, to shear by manual foot although the sheet thickness only range 0.5mm to 1mm. It is very laborious manual cutting. The work’s hand will wear out a lot of bubbles, that many workers if works going on like this, in such a working environment. It has created the first generation of silicon processing workers. They are not afraid of hard work with high spirit; they use a pair of scissors to cut out the first transformer core.

When combined with the mechanical molding technology and high speed press machine into the processing industry of silicon steel sheet in the 70s or 80s age of China, the workers see hope, with the development and production of cold rolled silicon steel sheet, the new revolution for silicon steel process was coming up.

The roller feeding and high speed press machine, with PLC control systems were instead of manual work. The workers only need to pack the processed silicon steel sheet after get the iron core from the production line. At the end of 90s to the early twenty first century, the silicon steel market continued to enlarge the user in an unprecedented peak demand. In this period, in Guangdong,Jiangsu,Zhejiang,Hebei,Tianjin, a large number of steel processing factories have been set up,thrived and technically developed. Some of company not only supplied to the domestic market but also turned to the international market.

But the flourishing development of silicon steel processing industry has witnessed the prosperity of China's silicon steel sheet market, low or peak, and the silicon steel processing industry has gone through the storm, and the workers of silicon steel sheet processing are quietly groping ahead.

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